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Skilled brick, stone and steel sand blasting in Sunshine Victoria

We use the latest technology for our garnet blasting services

Why choose brick and stone sandblasting?

Cleaning brickwork and stonework with acids and other liquid cleaning agents causes building materials to become soft. Rattray Blasting & Coating sandblasts brick stone siding as a better alternative that won’t damage your brick and stone.

We take on interior and exterior jobs for both domestic and commercial properties in Sunshine Victoria. Our technicians are known for restoring the brickwork on several old heritage homes in Melbourne.

Garnet and steel sandblasting

We believe that preparation is the key to coating success. Our team uses garnet because it is one of the safest, fastest and most effective forms of blasting mediums available. Garnet blasting removes rust, corrosion and any unwanted oils from the substrate, giving the surface a clean profile. Ask us today about garnet blasting for your job. 

Protect against the elements

Grime, rust and old paint compromise both the strength and aesthetics of your structural steel. We use high-powered blasting equipment to get into those hard-to-reach places that you could never reach on your own. To ensure that your steel lasts against the elements, we follow up our blasting service by applying a durable protective coating. 
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"Omg soooo in love with my rims... rash fixed and powder coated gloss white... highly recommended"

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We can let you know if garnet or steel sandblasting is the right finishing touch for your metal. 
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